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Welcome to FixEquity

There is a lot to consider when remodeling, improving property, or flipping a house.  A better place to live, more cash for the sale, taking advantage of an opportunity to flip a house, or improving your business space are all good reasons to invest in your future.  As your project Specialist, we insure your project is completed successfully with all permits, lean wavers, and change orders correctly in place.   Whether you are remodeling your home for better living or to gain the maximum property value before listing for sale, we make sure your project is completed and meets all your expectations.

Please remember, working with FixEquity, a design build contractor helps give you what you want within a budget you set.  We will develop a plan that is complete, and together we will strive to give you as many items from your wishlist as your budget will allow.

Start by making a wishlist with your vision of the completed renovations.  Contact FixEquity and one of our designers will contact you to setup an appointment.  Your wishlist, vision and budget are important to start designing the complete project.

After discussing all the design options and deciding on the perfect plan for your home, it is time to start the project and let your vision take you to the next level.  Together, we will complete your project and provide a better living space as well as adding more equity to your property.  Using FixEquity, we work for your best interest. Our only job is to insure there are no surprises before, during, and after your project is completed.  When renovations are complete, you will have the home you have always wanted.