Investment Properties


Searching for the best property

While you look for the perfect property, remodeling can give you the advantage you have been looking for.  FixEquity can help with design and renovation options to make the best buying decision.  Purchasing property with renovation in mind is possible if you have reliable cost estimates and a contractor able to complete the work.  If you need advice on options and cost for the remodeling or major repairs needed to add real value, contact FixEquity to get the facts.  We can analyze support structure, electrical, plumbing, space optimization, and more to help you make the right purchase.

As your project specialist, we work to insure your project is completed successfully and on time with all permits, lean wavers, and change orders correctly in place.  Whether you are remodeling your investment property to increase rental revenue or to gain the maximum value before listing for sale, we make sure you have all the information needed to move forward with the purchase or sale.

Missed design options, misunderstandings, paperwork failures, missing permits, or code violations are just a few of the issues that can cost you thousands of dollars before the project is completed.  Regular progress reports are done during the project and are available so you know where you are on progress and time to competition.

How your time is best used

A important question for you is - What is the best and most profitable use of your time?

You can spend time looking for the best investments property that will provide the maximum return, or you can deal with renovation issues.  The day to day issues during construction take time, and time is money.  Let FixEquity spend time dealing with renovations while you find that next investment to generate cash flow.

Using FixEquity, we work for your best interest only. Our job is to manage issues and resolve them before, during, and after your project is completed.

Fill out your contact information, call, or email us at [email protected]  Contact us and avoid remodeling problems.  FixEquity is on your side all the time, every time.